How to Survive the Valentine’s Day Price Jump

We’ve all said it – why are flowers so expensive on Valentine’s Day?! There’s no simple answer but for the most part, it boils down to supply and demand.

To meet the huge demand for flowers (particularly roses) leading up to Valentine’s day growers must hire extra labor, contract extra shipping, purchase more supplies and so on. All of these additional costs are passed along to the flower buyers, who pass it along to the floral wholesalers, and so on until the cost eventually reaches you, the consumer. When I ordered my Valentine’s roses this year the price of a single rose had increased by nearly 70% compared to the non-holiday price.  So, while I would love to be able to sell roses in February for the same price as in June it just can’t be done.

While price seems to be a non-issue for many people on Valentine’s Day that certainly isn’t the case for everyone. So what can you do?

1. Don’t buy roses

Or any of the high demand flower varieties for that matter. Some of the priciest varieties include Calla Lilie, Gerberas, and Star Gazer Liles. Instead, opt for something unique and cost effective like Anemones or Dutch Tulips.

20170208_130033Image Credit: Lila & Lace

2. Choose a mix

If your loved ones’ favorite flower happens to be one of the high demand varieties choose a bouquet that contains a mix of flowers rather than just one variety. Designers, like myself, artfully blend expensive blooms with varieties that are a bit more wallet friendly, often creating an end product that is much more visually appealing.



Image Credit: Lila & Lace

3.Skip the vase

Wrapped bouquets are usually $5 to $10 less than an arrangement in a vase. And let’s be honest, what woman doesn’t have at least one vase kicking around the house? Especially if they receive flowers often.


Image Credit: Lila & Lace

4. Choose pick-up instead of delivery

Most florists charge for delivery. It covers the costs of fuel, vehicle maintenance, and the delivery drivers’ salary. Delivery fees vary shop to shop, but picking up your flowers and delivering them to your sweetie yourself is an easy way to save at least $5.00.


Image Credit:

5. Pre-book

Many florists offer incentives for pre-booked orders. For example, our shop is offering free delivery. Theses incentives can save you quite a bit, and make the higher price a bit easier to swallow.


Image Credit: Lila & Lace


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